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Chronicled within are the adventures of our motley band of heroes-to-be. A heavy helping of mystery, two scoops of turn based action, a pinch or three of sarcasm, mixed via shaking and stirring (imbibe beverages to taste throughout) all come together to form our latest adventure:

The Harpers have misplaced a dwarven caravan containing top secret documents on the formation and application of mysterious magical means. They lost contact around the town of Red Larch in the Dessarain Valley. Since they deal in favors and secrets, they strike an agreement with an elven Cleric who has stumbled across an ancient evil artifact that she requires help to destroy.

Join us on Saturdays as we trek through the north western reaches of Faerûn, tracking down the rumors of evil of an elemental nature. Find out what happens when two researchers, a mercenary, and a warden of the wilds investigate local towns and taverns, stick their noses into cultist activities, unravel complex plots, and see just what sort of forces are stirring up trouble across the countryside.

What could go wrong?

If luck is on their side (and they can roll higher than single digits), they just might be able to advert catastrophe, and not go quietly into the night.

Apocalypse Cancelled

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